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Possible Side Effects

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound patients are given spinal anesthesia and sedation. There is no pain during treatment. A small probe is inserted into the rectum and its' ultrasound waves are directed to the prostate. Treatment time varies but generally lasts from 1 hour to 3 hours depending on the size of the prostate.

Hifu Possible Side EffectsPatients spend on to two hours recovering at the treatment facility and then are discharged. Most patients do not experience any pain after the procedure. A small catheter is inserted for two to three weeks to ensure the bladder empties properly. The PSA values are checked beginning at three months after the procedure.

High-intensity ultrasound has been studied extensively in Japan and Europe. Currently the treatment is available in the United Kingdom and Canada. It is undergoing an FDA trial here in the United States which is expected to reach completion by 2011. Worldwide, over six thousand treatments have been done with high-intensity ultrasound.

The side effect profile potential for complications exist with high-intensity ultrasound as it does with every prostate cancer treatment. Some patients will experience urinary urgency and mild discomfort lasting one to four weeks. A urinary strictures may occur in up to eighteen percent of the patients with retention in 0.6 percent. Erectile dysfunction is found in 20 percent unless nerve sparing is elected. A rectal fistula has been reported in one percent. High-intensity ultrasound has been compared to brachytherapy or seed implant.. High-intensity ultrasound is completely radiation free, it is less likely to harm any tissue outside the targeted area.

The entire prostate gland is targeted during high-intensity ultrasound. The Sonoblade 500 is programmed to treat the entire prostate gland and urethra to minimize the chance for reoccurrence. The urethral lining does regenerate with time. The urinary sphincter and bladder are identified and avoided during the treatment.

There are international treatment centers located in Canada, Mexico. Costa Rica, Argentina, South Africa, Caribbean and Dominican Republic. The FDA only approves the high-intensity ultrasound for investigational use in the United States. Men who have already had HIFU treatment have placed testimonials on the Internet at or you may request to speak to a previously treated patient by calling 1-800-874-4384.