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Video Success Stories

Dr. Gene Rosenberg interviews a patient regarding his experiences with HIFU treatment

Michael Walsh is a middle-aged man who recently chose to undergo HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound) in order to treat his diagnose of prostate cancer. As a small-business owner, Mr. Walsh was hesitant to rely on treatments that would take him away from his business for long periods of time, and having needed multiple stomache surgeries in the past, was equally reluctant to submit to particularly invasive processes. A trip to the HIFU center, some mild anaesthetic, and he was eating dinner normally that night and back to work by the end of the weekend. It's been some time now, and his PSA is holding steady at less than 0.01. Listen to his testimonial.

Watch Dr. Mario Verna's video testimonial on his experience as a Cryosurgical Ablation patient.

Dr. Mario Verna is a general surgeon at Hackensack University Medical Center who chose cryosurgical ablation of the prostate as his first option. Despite being a cancer surgeon himself, he recognized that cryosurgery is the latest innovation in cancer treatment, offering both the most rapid recovery and truly minimally invasive (as opposed to minimal access "laproscopic") treatment. He is now 2 1/2 years after treatment with high risk prostate cancer. His PSA is stable at 0.3 from a preoperative PSA of 5. Listen to his personal story.

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Dr. Rosenberg is interviewed at the American Urological Association in Chicago

The AUA hosts a regular conference where more than 8,000 doctors from around the world gather to discuss new breakthroughs in treatment; Dr. Gene Rosenberg is interviewed by a reporter during the conference - listen to what he has to say.