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Robotic Radical Prostatectomy

Da Vinci Robotic Prostate Cancer TreatmentUsing da Vinci Robotic System

University Urology Associates employs the da Vinci robotic system for radical robotic prostatectomy. This new form of treatment has radically changed the prostate cancer treatment. It is minimally invasive and through visualization that is more precise and 3D viewing of the area of the prostate and surrounding tissues, more accurate dissection can be preformed. There is a quick return to normal activity with short hospitalization, markedly reduced blood loss, and reduced pain with most patients receiving only oral analgesics after surgery. There is less risk of infection and ideally, both incontinence and erectile function would be improved.

The benefits of robotic surgery allow more precise removal of cancer with sparing of the nerves, which are in close contact with the prostate. By using enhanced vision with less tremor and microscopic precision, the nerves can be removed from the prostate with a higher potential for sexual function to return after surgery.

Incontinence is a side effect of the procedure, but with this newer technique, there is minimized damage to the prostatic urethra and base of the prostate with accurate dissection of the prostate from the base of the bladder. The continuous suture of the bladder neck allows for short catheterization time and improved continence.

Overall, radical prostatectomy with da Vinci robotic system is a new standard for surgical care of prostate cancer with many benefits and few of the negative side effects of the traditional open surgery. To learn more about how University Urology Associates can assist you in making a decision, you can Click Here to Contact Us Directly for more information or Click Here to Request a Free Evaluation today!