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Microsurgical Vasectomy

Microsurgical Vasectomy Your Microsurgical Vasectomy will be preformed with a minimally invasive technique-the “no scalpel” technique-resulting in faster healing than ever before.

The “No Scalpel” technique is done through high magnification permitting better control of all small blood vessels in the area. Tiny silver clips are used to secure the ends of the vas an the blood vessels which supply it.

Often, no skin closure is required because of lack of incision. The area that is worked through is simply a small puncture. A local anesthetic is injected followed by complete numbness in the area being worked on.

Swelling remains a concern with both a standard and “No Scalpel” vasectomy approach. Rest, with the application of an ice pack is recommended at home following the vasectomy. The ice pack is started in the office immediately after the procedure.

No straining, lifting, or desk work is advisable following the microsurgical vasectomy. You can begin a daily shower routine one day following the vasectomy. The dressing should be removed just before getting into the shower. Do not scrub or soak the area of surgery.

You may resume normal activities beginning the third day following the vasectomy.

Approximately 80% of vasectomy patients resume normal activities at this time along with some expected mild soreness. The remaining 20% of patients resume normal work activities on the fourth through seventh day following the vasectomy for the most part.

You can resume sexual activities after the third post-operative day. Please remember to continue using condoms or other birth control measures until your semen analysis has been checked and cleared.

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No-Scalpel Vasectomy (PDF, 12.3mb; requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.)