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Laproscopic Renal Surgery

Laparoscopic Cryoablation SurgeryLaparoscopic surgery for renal disease has been a remarkable advance for many of our patients. They can avoid a large incision with a slow and long recovery by having procedures done on the kidney through a laparoscope. These procedures include cryosurgical ablation of kidney cancer. This has been a remarkably effective and minimally invasive treatment for patients who otherwise would have had to go through a prolonged recovery with a large painful incision. Many patients who have undergone this treatment are well satisfied with it. We have been performing this procedure for several years ands are quite experienced with it. We perform this operation through both the peritoneal cavities and posteriori through the retroperitoneum, avoiding the abdominal organs. Most laparoscopic surgeons are not familiar with the retroperitoneum approach. However, we are familiar with both approaches and perform them easily and frequently. Feel free to bring in your CAT scan or other x-rays so we can Laparoscopic Cryoablation Surgeryevaluate if you are a candidate for this laparoscopic approach.

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