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  • Love red meat?
  • Over 30 years old?

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Greenlight Laser Treatment

Revolix Laser Prostate Surgery

Revolix laser prostate surgery destroys prostate tissue with powerful laser energy. The prostate tissue is vaporized directly. There is minimal bleeding and a catheter may be required for one day or less. A large cavity of tissue is escavated allowing for a durable result. The results are effective for many years if not indefinitely. Sexual side effects are absence of ejaculation in one half of the patients. Erections are not effected. This treatment is usually performed as an outpatient in a surgicare center or operating suite. It appears to have replaced the TURP.

Please refer to the attached information brochures for additional information.

The Greenlight PVP Laser Procedure (PDF, 0.3mb; requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.)

General Information about Enlarged Prostate (PDF, 0.7mb; requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.)